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Apollo 11 Action Figures meets The Simpsons!

Hey toy collectors and space enthusiasts! Boy, is there a neat story breaking right now!  The television’s favorite animated family, The Simpsons, will be releasing a new line of action figures with the theme of the 25 coolest celebs that have been on the show.  Weird Al’s one of them, Elvis Costello’s another, but most importantly, one of them is Buzz Aldrin! Hail yeah y’all! So, here’s the sneak peak at the action figure!


This is pretty rad actually!  Buzz is representing the science portion of pop culture once more.  Good to see an astronomer among the many rock stars and such.  This also means all three of the Apollo 11 guys have action figures now!

Buzz Aldrin:

Neil Armstrong:

The Other Guy:

Jk folks, all props to Mike Collins, total badass module pilot and an all around action figure worthy guy.

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aaaand the award for WORST CRIMINAL EVER goes to…(drumroll please). Greetings From Florida!

Look, not everyone can be great at everything, alright?  The era of the Bo Jackson, Superman, and even the Renaissance are long over, folks.  Welcome to the year 2014 and welcome to St. Petersburg, FL.

Here’s an interesting event from The Tampa Bay Times.

Some people lack certain skills for certain careers.  Some of us are not tall, thus probably not cut out to be basketball players.  Some have a fear of heights which will prevent them from working on tall buildings.  Others have the inability to properly break into a house or negotiate a good deal, they will not become successful burglars or negotiators.  It’s rare when one person meets both of that characteristics, but for Bryan Remley this is no problem.  First of all, he broke into a house where the homeowner held him in custody at gun point while police were notified.  Not a successful break in, busted by the very dude you’re trying to steal from.  Secondly, and this is where it gets good, while waiting for the police to arrive, Remley tried to negotiate a deal with the homeowner for his release.  Bryan Remley said if was let go he would…come…back…the next day…to…mow their lawn.  Believe it or not, the homeowner decline the offer and still waited for the police to arrive and arrest Remley.  Again, not everyone is good at everything, but some people are really bad at many things.


Remley, 25.

Lawnmower Man

While we’re here, let’s totally watch the movie trailer for this awesome flick!

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Think OUTSIDE the bun, dude! Greetings from Florida

Oh Florida! Yet another awesome story to share with you guys.  This one comes from the Bradenton Herald.

Taco Bell’s “Think Outside The Bun” marketing campaign clearly did not work on 38 year old Philip Neri Guerrero.

Last week, Guerrero pulled up to the fast food chain’s drive through, got out of his car, reached into the window and grabbed the rear end of the female drive through employee.

He clearly was not ready to think outside or about anything other than the bun.  Guerrero was released on a $500 bail that same day, no 4th meal in jail for this Floridian!

Philip Neri Guerrero

Philip Neri Guerrero, 38.

Think About The Bun

Yo Guerrero Taco Bell



For those wondering what the hell happens in Bradenton, FL:

Sports: Bradenton is the spring training home of the Pittsburg Pirates

Famous people: Dickey Betts of the Allman Brothers Band grew up here

Nature: Manatee River of course! Yeah, they get Manatees in that river from time to time, pretty neat.



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Just a thought… Wireless Communication

120 years ago, all the way back in 1894, on Aug 14th the first ever use of wireless communication was demonstrated by Oliver Lodge using a Morse code machine.  This signal was transmitted about 450 feet, not bad actually!  Regardless, that was just a little over a century ago.  Considering how communication has taken its sweet time to develop since the beginning of our species, its kind of mind blowing to think about how much exponential growth has happened since the modern technological age began.  From a tapping electromagnetic pulse over a short distance to today’s wireless and digital revolution, there’s clearly a lot to process when considering the evolution of modern communication.  For example, this entire post was created from a phone. #mindblown dot com y’all.

Happy wireless communication day, its a big one.  Communication is pretty important to us social animals, from gathering around the fire to liking posts on social media. So, 120 years down, but what lays ahead? Where will communication reside in the year 2114?  Just a thought…

Sir Oliver Lodge

Sir Oliver Lodge: Bringer of wireless communications to our world!

120 years of wireless communication

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Bartok and Bach

Bar Talk at Gallery5 on Aug 13, 2014

Well it appears as though local classical music advocates, Classical Revolution RVA, are about to host an event at Gallery5 called Bar Talk.  Anytime someone uses a good pun we applaud them and then try to go over board with more as many more we can come up with.  So, naturally, we decided to keep it in the classical music family and go with Bach and classic movie titles.  Without further adieu, ladies and gents, please enjoy our Blach-buster movie posters to celebrate Classical Revolution RVA’s awesome work right here in Richmond, VA.

Everyone’s favorite 80′s time-traveling movie, redone with a little touch of the 1700′s.

Bach To The Future

Gosh, this is a real hot movie. It once set box offices on fire, now its back…bach…for more!


If you ever wanted to know how Stella did it, she enlisted the help of good old Johann Sebastian! I mean just listen to The Well-Tempered Clavier!!

How Stella Got Her Groove Bach

Last but not least, a classic… (side note – John Williams, composer of all the Star Wars music, is a huge Bach fan!)

The Empire Strikes Bach


More information on Classical Revolution RVA can be found at their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter!  We’ve had a blast working on events with them in the past, please check them out and continue to support the creative diversity that makes life more fun.


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Famous Faces In Food

On rare occasions our food resembles famous people and sometimes they are just totally on point! We’re all pretty familiar with the various times both Elvis and Jesus have shown up in nachos and such, but there are a lot of other celeb sightings in food that are worth exploring.  Here are four solid examples of foods that take on famous appearances.

Sometimes our food takes on the important historic figures. Honest Abe Lincoln in a chicken nugget. (source)

Lincoln Nugget

There are moments when food resembles famous movie aliens. This is ET in a piece of wood. (source) **yes, we’re aware wood is not technically food, but COME ON, its ET!!**

ET wood

Also, there are moments where the food takes on celeb clothing and fashion. Pharrell Williams’ hat in a healthy serving of trail mix! (source)

Pharrell Williams Hat Trail Mix

And then there are those moments when food literally looks like the people that are famous for that exact food! An Orville Redenbacher face in popcorn, what are the odds?!? (source)

Orville Redenbacher Popcorn

Also, today is July 16th, Orville Redenbacher’s big birthday!  The guy’s done a lot for both science and popcorn kind, props to the agronomist mad man and popcorn sultan that waited through nearly 30,000 hybrids of kernels until he struck buttery gold with a strand that he felt was worthy of his name.

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My Puppets Rule! Independence Day

Alright folks, you can’t celebrate freedom and democracy without sock puppets, right? With that said, we’re excited to present our first My Puppets Rule film remake of the 1996 Will Smith classic, Independence Day.

My Puppets Rule cast

Happy 4th of July, folks!

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Which Office Supply Are You?

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World Environment Day

Hey folks, Happy World Environment Day!

World Environment Day

Just wanted to take a second to encourage everyone to consider adding a little nature into your lives.  A super easy and quick way is to just get some natural beauty to enter your home or workspace.  A few plants and flowers go a long way in re-connecting us to nature and providing a daily appreciation in the form of care-taking for these beautiful Earthly family members.  Also, all living plants and flowers take in CO2 and spit out clean oxygen…you need that to live.  Today is a busy day and not everyone can save a rain forest, an endangered species, or reverse the glacial melt.  Despite those unaddressed large issues, today is a great day to plant a few seeds in your backyard or pick up some small desk sized flowers for your workspace.  Fill your day with nature as often as you can, Happy World Environment Day!

My Flowers Rule

**New floral family at MGR HQ in beautiful Jackson Ward in the heart of Richmond, VA.



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Four Totally Bizarre Vacation Destinations

If you’re anything like us here at MGR, the start of summer means endless daydreams about vacations— real or imaginary.  So for all you adventurous types that are bored of hearing about your boss’ upcoming Caribbean cruise, or that trip your friend is taking to Disney World, or how great your coworker’s trip to the Outer Banks is gonna be, we’ve put together a short list of some really, really weird vacation destinations.  And yes, people ACTUALLY travel to these places.

Tashirojima, Japan

 Cat Island, meow.

If you’re a cat person, this may just be heaven on earth.

‘Cat Island’ (formally known as Tashirojima) is a tiny fishing village located off the east coast of Japan’s Miyagi prefecture.  As the nickname implies, the island is home to hundreds of felines,  far outnumbering their elderly caretakers by at least 4 to 1.  It is said that cats were initially introduced to the island as pest control, keeping the mice population at bay so the residents could raise silkworms.  As the 19th century progressed, the island became a popular fishing destination.  Fishermen began looking to the cats to provide clues ranging from how bountiful the day’s catch would be to what the weather would be like.  Soon, residents began to believe that caring for the animals would bring them wealth and good luck, and various cat shrines were assembled throughout the island.  Nowadays, visitors to the island can stay at one of many cat-shaped vacation homes.  Unfortunately for dog lovers, pups are officially banned from the ‘Cat Island’— for the safety of the cats, of course.

The Poison Garden, England

 Poison Garden

Not to be confused with the Secret Garden

 Located on the grounds of the Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, The Poison Garden was originally created by the Duchess of Northumberland.  As you may have guessed, every plant found within it is extremely toxic, and most can be fatal.  While a trip to The Poison Garden is not for the faint of heart, it is definitely educational, as many plants inhabiting the grounds can be commonly found in your own backyard!  Now, you might be asking yourself why a Duchess would want a garden full of killer plants, but we can’t answer that.  We can, however, offer up this quote from the Duchess herself:

“I wondered why so many gardens around the world focused on the healing power of plants rather than their ability to kill… I felt that most children I knew would be more interested in hearing how a plant killed, how long it would take you to die if you ate it and how gruesome and painful the death might be.”

Well, Duchess, isn’t that charming…

La Isla De Las Muñecas, Mexico

 Island of the dolls

Chucky?  Is that you? 

La Isla De Las Muñecas (Island of the Dolls) is tucked away near Mexico City in the canals of Xochimico.  Most definitely the creepiest spot on the list, this island is home to hundreds of decaying, mutilated dolls, which can be found all over the island hanging from trees, wooden posts, and pretty much anything else a scary doll can be attached to.  As if the dolls weren’t enough to give you goosebumps, the story behind the dolls is even freakier.  (If you can’t stomach scary stories, you might wanna skip this next part…)  About half a century ago, a man named Don Julian Santana (who lived on the island by himself) was walking along the canals and found the drowned body of a little girl floating downstream.  It is said that her spirit began haunting the poor guy, so to appease it he began collecting discarded dolls from the canals, trash dumps, neighboring cities— pretty much wherever he could find them— and hanging them on trees all over the island. Why?  Because the little girl’s evil spirit told him to, duh!  He continued this practice for the rest of his life, but in 2001, Don’s drowned body was discovered in the very canal he found the little girl.  Basically, if you’re looking to visit a place that’s scarier than a horror movie set, this is the place for you!

Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

Free spirit sphere 

Cause plain old tree houses just don’t cut it anymore. 

 Nestled away in the rainforest of Vancouver Island, you will find suspended among the towering trees the Free Spirit Spheres, i.e. the world’s most elaborate tree houses. Creator Tom Chudleigh borrowed the spheres’ design from nature (a technique known to designers as bio-mimicry).  Through a combination of sailboat construction and traditional tree house design techniques, he created spheres that mimicked tree nuts suspended by webs of rope, all attached to neighboring trees and anchored to the ground.  Unlike your average tree house, however, the insides of the spheres are built to accommodate all our modern needs with fridges, power strips, comfy beds, and a microwaves!  While you still need to exit the pods to use the compostable outhouse, just nearby is a facility with bathrooms, showers, a sauna, and some grills for barbecuing. We have to hand it to Tom, after a long day of hiking, being rocked to sleep in a giant nut-shaped pod high among the rainforest trees does sound pretty wonderful— totally weird, but wonderful nonetheless.

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