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#GiveThanksRVA 2014

As the fall season continues here in the beautiful state of Virginia we start to look forward to Thanksgiving.  This autumnal holiday has its roots in the 1600′s and not necessarily as positive and loving considering what would soon follow for the natives of the land.  Regardless, as all things do this too has evolved into a celebration of what we are thankful for.  Well, last year the lovely folks over at Overcoast Music and us decided to put our minds together and celebrate the hard work of those involved with making our world a better place, #GiveThanksRVA was born.  Last year was awesome and we look forward to doing it again this year with our latest partner and friends combo.  This year we’re excited to announce that Emilio’s will be helping us give thanks to Classical Revolution RVA.  If you’re not familiar with Classical Revolution RVA then please do take a moment to check out their many accomplishments.  This year they ushered in the first ever Mozart Festival for Richmond, VA and have been playing in bars, parks, museums, and so on to further help support the goal of letting our world be filled with beautiful music, for free.  This is a huge undertaking. The musicians, the planning, the posters, the rep, the instruments, the stands, chairs, marketing, operations, and so on.  Please join us this year and help give a little love to the hard working people of Classical Revolution RVA that have been generous enough to share their gift of music with the rest of us here in the river city.

Come have a beer, glass of wine, cocktail, whatever… Emilio’s has been kind enough to donate proceeds from the event directly to the 501c3 non profit paper work needed to establish Classical Revolution RVA.  Let’s get together and help ensure that the next generation of Richmonders too will be treated to what we get to experience and beyond!  Come on down and help us #GiveThanksRVA!

Tuesday Nov 18 – Emilio’s (Broad and Meadow) – 5pm-8pm – happy hour fundraiser


Classical Revolution RVA

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Sexy Not Sexy Halloween Costumes!

Every year around Oct 31 we start to see tons and tons of sexy nurses, witches, and various other expected revealing costumes.  Look, its your body, respect it, love it, treasure it, and use your mind to present in the best way possible…but if the idea is to get attention then maybe consider taking it to the next level by taking some chances.  With that said, we’re excited to present this year’s cast of sexy-not-sexy halloween costumes!

Grecian Column: Big, thick, and sturdy! This Grecian column is no supporting character at your halloween party, its the main attraction!
Sexy Grecian Column
Sexy Sugar Shack Donut: This tasty treat can take any place and turn it into a sugar shack, perfect for all RVA donut fans.
Sexy Donut
Sexy Giraffle Ticket: That’s right folks…part Giraffe, part raffle ticket….all sexy!
Sexy Giraffle Ticket
Sexy Glasses: Umm…excuse me, my eyes are up here!  This costume’s sure to make a spectacle.  Gosh, her glasses rule!
Sexy Glasses
Sexy Stadium Protestor: What’s sexier than voicing your opinion?! Any developer that meets this protestor will soon be developing something other than just plans… Seriously though, no stadium in Shockoe please!
Sexy Stadium Protestor
Sexy Lunar Landing: That’s one hot step for man, one sexy leap forward for man kind… This costume’s sure to get your rockets all fired up!
Sexy Lunar Landing
Sexy Snapchat: While a real snapchat pic is temporary this one lasts all….night……long!
sexy snapchat
Sexy Ottoman: Look, there’s nothing wrong with having a foot fetish, but make sure you use the right flirting tactics to get the feet of your dreams to be a part of your sexy halloween night. #cushionforthepushin
Sexy Ottoman
Need more? Check out last year’s designs!
Have an awesome and safe Halloween folks!
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Oct 14 is EPIC

Good gosh on a hot plate y’all.  We have a doozy of a day on our hands.  Some say it’s a day that is destined to be remembered as a reoccurring moment of dizzying achievements in humanity. In the words of one of humanity’s most brilliant poets, “Today is gonna be the day…

Oct 14, 1066: William of Normandy defeats King Harold in Battle of Hastings.  This awesome tapestry was made to document the many things happening in the battle including an appearance by what would later be known as Halley’s comet! More on the Bayeaux Tapestry here.

bayeaux tapestry



Oct 14, 1890: Long before he was president he was just a new born, on this day specifically. Dwight Eisenhower is born.



Oct 14, 1912: President Teddy Roosevelt is shot during an assassination attempt while giving a public talk.  He is wounded, but insisted on finishing the speech. Badass!

Teddy Talks



Oct 14, 1939: Ralph Lifshitz is born! He’d later change his name for Ralph Lauren and hang out with a bunch of reeeally hot people.

Ralph Lauren




Oct 14, 1947: Chuck Yeager breaks the sound barrier!  Moving faster than the speed of sound, crazy man…crazy…

Chuck Yeager



Oct 14, 1964: Martin Luther King Jr wins the Nobel Peace Prize!

MLK Nobel Peace Prize



Oct 14, 1968: The first telecast from Apollo 7 happens. Humanity communicates from the heavens in moving picture! Bonus points for showing the human spirit off from the cosmos with a smile, love wins again.

apollo telecast



Oct 14, 1978: Usher is born. Theater attendants musta all had a bounce in their step on this day…




Oct 14, 2012: Felix Baumgartner jumps from space and lands safely back on Earth.  You can relive the experience on youtube and you can also watch the Tom Petty “Free Falling” video too!

Space Free Fall Jump Crazy


Clearly an important and impressive day, use it wisely.

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Oct 1 is EPIC

Oh my gosh everyone.  This massive beast of a day is upon us.  Who knows what amazing things will happen today that could one day join all the other insanely impressive things that have happened on this very day?  Now, keep in mind these are totally random coincidental events that have all been strung together on this day like a beautiful popcorn necklace of time.  That’s right, from technology to culture to two grown men beating the ever loving crap out of each other, this day has it all.  Only one song can possible sum up the experience and emotional weight this day has.  Mama Said.

Oct 1, 1721 – Animal News: On this day people anxiously waited on the docks of Boston, MA waiting for the arrival of the first imported African Camel to the United States.  The boat and precious cargo would arrive in the early hours of the following morning.  Wonder if people waited for it back then like we’re about to do for the new Star Wars movie?  Anyway, a lot of people waited on a camel today, that’s something…right? Talk about a hump day distraction…

African Camel



Oct 1, 1880 – Technology News: Famous inventor and all around bragger Thomas Edison had a very bright idea, he opened his first lamp factory.

Light Bulb


Oct 1, 1890 – Conservation News: Yosemite National Park is established today in California.  It’s still there and its still beautiful, thank you Abe Lincoln and John Muir for the much needed push here.



Oct 1, 1908 – Car News: The Model T hits the market.  About 10 seconds later road rage was born and the American dream started to get in gear, literally.

model t


Oct 1, 1950 – Birthday News: Randy Quaid is born! A little while later buncha aliens got destroyed.

Randy Quaid Bday


Oct 1, 1964 – Transportation News / Total Embarrassment of American Urban Planning Culture News: That’s right, in 1964 Japan unveiled its first Bullet Train. Meanwhile half a century later most Americans still get around in a car…50 years y’all. Get motivated and involved.

1964 Japans bullet train


Oct 1, 1971 – Disney News: Disney World in Flordia opened. This is also the first day in the history of Florida where the news did not involve a drunk ex breaking into someone else’s house and trying to mate with an animal of some sort…or something. The point is, Florida news is usually weird. Anyway, yay for Mickey.

Disney Opening


Oct 1, 1975 – Boxing News: Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier beat the ever loving stuffings out of each other in the Thrilla In Manila.



Oct 1, 1982 – Music News: Sony releases their first compact disc player, that’s what they used to use before the internet got involved and stole all of Lars’ money, back in the day.

SONY cd player


Clearly not a day to waste, please use it wisely.




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In the words of the great American poet Thomas Petty:

 “Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks.”

Ah, yes, well put.  Today happens to be one that is a diamond.  Ever since we started recording history we’ve kept track of the important stuff and have passed it on through the years.  Well, in the thousands of years that we’ve been recording things, some days have won the lion’s share of cool occasions.  Today feels like one of those days.

Sept 23 Fun Fact:

The Hearing Aid was invented….I SAID THE HEARING AID WAS INVENTED!!!! 1879

hearing aid

Sept 23 in Space News:

Johanna Galle discovers Neptune! Further putting us in our cosmic place. 1846


Sept 23 in History:

Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery arrives back to St.Louis after trekking the unknown on foot and canoes and limited transportation, staff. and equipment for 22 months. They were the first to discover many species of plants, birds, and animals while also mapping the United States. Badass. The trip ended on this day in 1806.

Lewis and Clark

Sept 23 in Toga-fest news:

On this day, all the way back in the year 63 (not 1963, but 0063), Augustus Caesar is born. He would one day usher in the Pax Romana, the era of peace.

Augustus Birthday

Sept 23 in Rock and Roll:

Imagine this super band of birthday boys! John Coltrane, Ray Charles, and Bruce Springsteen were all…booooorn in the USA on this date, different years though.

Birthday Boys


And its also the first day of fall, welcome to this season. Pretty epic day, please use it wisely.


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Space Taxi vs Normal Taxi

NASA is getting SpaceX and Boeing to run the next phase of US space flight by giving them the contracts to develop and launch space taxis that will allow us to get into space without the use of Russian spacecraft.  Well, for anyone wondering exactly how awesome and different these will be check out the following!  Instead of comparing these taxis to space shuttles (yawn) perhaps its worth considering how the…fare…against normal taxis.  After all taxi evolution is nothing to be ashamed of, even out most cutting edge space transport vehicles will one day seem stupidly archaic and embryonic. With that said, here are a few points of interest between space taxis and normal taxis.  Hope you enjoy…be nice to one another, it’s better than being mean.

Space Taxi vs Normal Taxi

Space Taxi vs Normal Taxi

Space Taxi vs Normal Taxi

Space Taxi vs Normal Taxi


SpaceX Dragon v2:

Dragon v2

Boeing’s CST 100


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Apollo 11 Action Figures meets The Simpsons!

Hey toy collectors and space enthusiasts! Boy, is there a neat story breaking right now!  The television’s favorite animated family, The Simpsons, will be releasing a new line of action figures with the theme of the 25 coolest celebs that have been on the show.  Weird Al’s one of them, Elvis Costello’s another, but most importantly, one of them is Buzz Aldrin! Hail yeah y’all! So, here’s the sneak peak at the action figure!


This is pretty rad actually!  Buzz is representing the science portion of pop culture once more.  Good to see an astronomer among the many rock stars and such.  This also means all three of the Apollo 11 guys have action figures now!

Buzz Aldrin:

Neil Armstrong:

The Other Guy:

Jk folks, all props to Mike Collins, total badass module pilot and an all around action figure worthy guy.

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aaaand the award for WORST CRIMINAL EVER goes to…(drumroll please). Greetings From Florida!

Look, not everyone can be great at everything, alright?  The era of the Bo Jackson, Superman, and even the Renaissance are long over, folks.  Welcome to the year 2014 and welcome to St. Petersburg, FL.

Here’s an interesting event from The Tampa Bay Times.

Some people lack certain skills for certain careers.  Some of us are not tall, thus probably not cut out to be basketball players.  Some have a fear of heights which will prevent them from working on tall buildings.  Others have the inability to properly break into a house or negotiate a good deal, they will not become successful burglars or negotiators.  It’s rare when one person meets both of that characteristics, but for Bryan Remley this is no problem.  First of all, he broke into a house where the homeowner held him in custody at gun point while police were notified.  Not a successful break in, busted by the very dude you’re trying to steal from.  Secondly, and this is where it gets good, while waiting for the police to arrive, Remley tried to negotiate a deal with the homeowner for his release.  Bryan Remley said if was let go he would…come…back…the next day…to…mow their lawn.  Believe it or not, the homeowner decline the offer and still waited for the police to arrive and arrest Remley.  Again, not everyone is good at everything, but some people are really bad at many things.


Remley, 25.

Lawnmower Man

While we’re here, let’s totally watch the movie trailer for this awesome flick!

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Think OUTSIDE the bun, dude! Greetings from Florida

Oh Florida! Yet another awesome story to share with you guys.  This one comes from the Bradenton Herald.

Taco Bell’s “Think Outside The Bun” marketing campaign clearly did not work on 38 year old Philip Neri Guerrero.

Last week, Guerrero pulled up to the fast food chain’s drive through, got out of his car, reached into the window and grabbed the rear end of the female drive through employee.

He clearly was not ready to think outside or about anything other than the bun.  Guerrero was released on a $500 bail that same day, no 4th meal in jail for this Floridian!

Philip Neri Guerrero

Philip Neri Guerrero, 38.

Think About The Bun

Yo Guerrero Taco Bell



For those wondering what the hell happens in Bradenton, FL:

Sports: Bradenton is the spring training home of the Pittsburg Pirates

Famous people: Dickey Betts of the Allman Brothers Band grew up here

Nature: Manatee River of course! Yeah, they get Manatees in that river from time to time, pretty neat.



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Just a thought… Wireless Communication

120 years ago, all the way back in 1894, on Aug 14th the first ever use of wireless communication was demonstrated by Oliver Lodge using a Morse code machine.  This signal was transmitted about 450 feet, not bad actually!  Regardless, that was just a little over a century ago.  Considering how communication has taken its sweet time to develop since the beginning of our species, its kind of mind blowing to think about how much exponential growth has happened since the modern technological age began.  From a tapping electromagnetic pulse over a short distance to today’s wireless and digital revolution, there’s clearly a lot to process when considering the evolution of modern communication.  For example, this entire post was created from a phone. #mindblown dot com y’all.

Happy wireless communication day, its a big one.  Communication is pretty important to us social animals, from gathering around the fire to liking posts on social media. So, 120 years down, but what lays ahead? Where will communication reside in the year 2114?  Just a thought…

Sir Oliver Lodge

Sir Oliver Lodge: Bringer of wireless communications to our world!

120 years of wireless communication

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